BLUE NOTE Music & Arts Academy in Dhaka

the best of professionals

Naquib Khan, Composer, singer and Keyboard player of Renaissance A legendary musician of the country and one of the pioneers of band music in Bangladesh. He started his musical journey in early 70s and joined the band Souls in 1975 as keyboard player, composer and singer. Formed the band Renaissance after leaving Souls in 1985 along with four other friends and still a member of this band. He is a highly acclaimed composer. Many of his compositions are super hits and considered as legendary songs in the country. He is considered as one of the best keyboard players in the country and was adjudged the best keyboard player in all Bangladesh music competition in 1975. He is a very well known and highly regarded music personality in Bangladesh. He is the Chief Adviser of Blue Note and actively involved with it for policy making.
Shahbaz Khan (Pilu), Composer, singer and drummer of Renaissance One of the most senior musicians and a multifaceted talent in the country with unique combination of being drummer, singer and composer. He is considered as one of the best and most versatile drummers in the country. Starting his music career in the70s, he was the drummer of the country's iconic band 'Souls' from 1980 - 84. He is one of the founder members of the band 'Renaissance' and actively involved with 'Renaissance' since its inception in 1985 till to date as a drummer, singer and composer. A melodious composer whose compositions have a universal appeal that attract audiences of all kind. He had been awarded the Best Music Director in Citycell - Channel i Music Award 2005 and was one of the judges of the first ever Musician Hunt Reality show in the country ' Nescafe Get Set Rock' .
Rezaur Rahman(Reza), Lead guitarist of Renaissance A great musician and a classic guitarist, who plays the guitar from his heart. He started his music career in the 80s as the lead guitarist of the band 'Winning' he joined the band 'Renaissance' in 1990 and is still the lead guitarist of the band. His main interests are jazz and blues. He also has great interest in eastern music. He Studied 'Rabindrasangeet' and 'Nazrulgeeti' in 'Chayanat'. And also studied classical music for many years under various exponents of our country.
Asif Iqbal , Renowned lyricist A famous lyricist, a music producer and a business professional. He has been actively involved in music scene of Bangladesh since 90s. A highly regarded contemporary lyricist who has written songs that are highly acclaimed by wide segments of people. Many of his written songs have been super hits and some of them have even become iconic in Bangladesh's music history. A great organizer, had pioneered in organizing music TV reality show in Bangladesh by organizing the first ever 'Close Up 1'. A music producer and one of the directors of leading music production company 'Gaanchil'.